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The Law Enforcement Officer's Prayer Guide

The Law Enforcement Officer's Prayer Guide

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The Law Enforcement Officer's Prayer Guide:  The Officer's Badge of Protection
by Apostle Alton R. Williams

This Devotional guide is a compilation of prayers designed especially for the needs and concerns of law enforcement officers as they perform their daily tasks. When officers begin their day with seeking God for protection, peace and comfort, they are able to perform their tasks with confidence.

The prayers and petitions in this book are all based upon the promises God has given all who believe in Him from His word. Nothing gives a sense of peace, solace, comfort and protection like the word of God.

The prayers in this book cover subjects such as:

  • Police Praise Prayer
  • Officer's Prayer for His/Her City
  • Prayer for Crime in the City
  • Officer's Protection from Criminals
  • Prayer of Protection in Car Patrol Travel
  • Prayer to Overcome Fear
  • Prayer for Overcoming the Fear of Death
  • Scripture References for Overcoming the Fear of Death
  • Prayer for Avoiding Tragic Death
  • Prayer for Peace
  • Prayer for Grieving the Loss of a Fellow Officer and His Family
  • A Prayer for Spouses to Use for Their Loved One Officers, and many more.

The Prayer Devotional guide is also a quick scripture reference guide for officers when
they are in sudden difficult emergency circumstances. Officers can take these books around
with them while on the job.

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