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God anoints apostles to be wise master builders or architects of his church. They have the gift to structure God’s churches. Apostles are called to many ministry functions, but their main task is to establish new churches. Apostles train and appoint new pastors (elders) to oversee these new churches. They then serve as fathers or overseers of those new church plants until they are ready to stand on their own. Apostles are called to care for the churches they establish.

Apostles then release new pastors to freely function as lead pastors. The lead pastors can call on the apostle for advice or guidance when needed. However, apostles do not control a church or dictate what senior pastors should do, nor do they make financial demands upon those ministries. Apostles who start or establish new churches move from being directors to advisors, only offering advice as pastors request it.

Apostles can only serve as fathers to sons whom he has birthed and trained in the ministry. However, apostles can offer guidance and strength to other pastors through relationship and providing resources. Apostles can help pastors establish their churches in biblical order.

The Church Ministry Resource Bookstore is an answer to that call of God.