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My name is Apostle/Pastor Alton R. Williams. I am the senior pastor of World Overcomers Church (WOOMC) in Memphis, Tennessee. We are a predominantly African American congregation.

This year (2023) marks 42 years as senior pastor of WOOMC. I have dealt with just about every phase of church ministry that a pastor could think about or imagine.

I remember back in 1991, I had difficulty getting some programs and ministry initiatives off the ground for my church. The Lord spoke through a friend who gave me a simple, three-step strategy that I use to this day.

As a result, I have written and/or compiled over 500 church, ministry teaching materials, manuals, books and resources that can help pastors with their churches. I wish I had my hands on all these ministry resources years ago when I first started pastoring. It would have saved me so much time!

God gave me the wisdom to keep and archive just about every resource that I have ever written to help other pastors and churches for this day. One gift that God gives most apostles is the ability to help pastors build and strengthen churches. This site offers 42 years of experience providing ministerial strategies, techniques, teachings, and structures such as:

My goal is to equip pastors with the best resources, tools, and materials needed to help them succeed. My online pastoral resource center offers you over 500 resources and compilations to help provide structure and sound biblical methods for church growth. Even if there are specific ministry needs that are not listed, I will do personal research and study to meet that need by possibly writing a resource for you. You can offer those suggestions herein.

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Once information has been ordered, downloaded or purchased, there are no refunds because information has been received.  Only if there is a problem with the information, such as pages did not come through or pages are blank. We will then work to replace what has already been sent once you can show proof of the problem.